Wednesday, August 01, 2012

house broken into; car stolen

From a household on the 2200 block of Flagler Place NW:

I have read about other people in the Bloomingdale community who have had their cars broken into (particularly on July 31st). Our house, on the 2200 block of Flagler Place, was broken into between 12:30 am and 4:30 am on July 31st. Thieves came in through the window, stole a camera, and my car keys. Stole the car which was parked out front. Luckily, the police pulled the car over not too long thereafter and the thieves bailed out of the car. I was able to retrieve the vehicle which had minimal damage. My neighbor across the street also had her car stolen the same night/early morning, although she believed the keys had been left in the car by mistake. They stole her car but ditched it a few blocks away with the manual transmission totally shot (I guess they couldn`t drive stick shift). Anyway, this is just a reminder to people to make sure their windows are closed and locked at all times! We had the bars removed from our home recently due to a conflict with fire code but are moving to have them put back in some places. I was surprised the thieves were so daring as to enter our house with 3 residents sleeping inside. Please be safe everyone and keep your windows locked!

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