Thursday, August 23, 2012

school supplies needed! World Missions For Christ Extension Center Back to School Rally -- Saturday, 08-25-2012

A reminder about this Saturday's World Missions Back to School Rally.
Please help us get the word out to kids needing school supplies! Thanks so much for your support for all of the children/youth who will benefit from our efforts, especially those in foster care and shelters needing our help.
Saturday, August 25, 10:00 am
WARD 5 ANC 5C/World Missions EXTENSION Center Inc
Ward 5 Democrats/All Nations Baptist Church
The DHS Chaplains Office-- Just FRIENDS Prison Ministry
Friends will sponsor at the
Harry Thomas Community Service Center
1743 Lincoln Rd. NE
PARENTS registering in our Parenting Program will be eligible to participate in our voucher for school uniform drawing(s);
·CHILDREN MUST BE PRESENT with an adult!!!!!!!
·Receive FREE School Supplies for their children;
·Siblings of Incarcerated Youth, foster care children and children in the community will receive Free School Supplies
·Join our Community Book club;
·Hear about our Skill Building Mentoring Program
·You will be able to talk to principals and other officials;
·Other fun activities will include: DJ Music, Clowns, Singing,
Dancing, Playing on the Moon Bounce, Face Painting,
See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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