Wednesday, August 08, 2012

World Missions Back-to-School rally, backpacks, school supplies and uniform vouchers -- for kids & families in the neighborhood

See this message fromDr. JoAnn Perkins of World Missions for Christ Extension Center, 1720 1st Street NW – located on the northwest corner of 1st & Randolph Place NW:
Dear Bloomingdale neighbors.
As we now prepare for school opening on August 27th, we need your help in obtaining backpacks filled with school supplies for the children. As you have seen throughout the summer, our children and youth range in all ages; and our goal is to obtain an assortment of size backpacks for the children and youth in our community. Or if you would prefer making a tax deductible donation that would be used to purchase a back pack, and school supplies, the cost of such would be about $20.00. And all checks should be made payable to World Missions. We are also collecting donations that would help parents pay for uniforms for their children as well.

People will be able to drop back packs filled with school supplies off to us on every Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00pm. Those persons wanting to make a donation for school uniforms, can drop their checks in the mail box anytime. And checks should be made payable to World Missions. We can use volunteers packing backpacks during the last week leading up to the rally!
Our Backpack Drive and uniform vouchers for kids will last up until August 24th.
Be advised that the Backpacks/ School Supplies and uniform vouchers will go to kids and families living in our neighborhood. and as such your giving will help KIDS and families have what they need to succeed in school is the primary objective of our efforts.
Thanks for your help,
JoAnn Perkins, World Missions EXTENSION Center Inc.

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