Thursday, January 10, 2013

Brookland resident Daniel Wolkoff challenges the plan to store stormwater at McMillan

What is the consequence of retaining storm water, full of pollution at McMillan?

I question the site destruction and pollution of McMillan as a "solution" to flooding in Bloomingdale. Hopefully the final insult  the DC government forces down the throats of DC residents on this pathetic history of abuse and incompetence. McMillan would have been a a park for the community from the first year in the 1980's, had it been in a part of DC respected by it's elected and appointed officials. Is this cesspool instead of park restoration,  supposed to be an attractive process for reduction of flooding. We need this park, all of this park,,this park is yours,, not theirs! We need this park for youth activities like Glen Echo, training of youth and under-employed and a City Market in adaptive re-use of the under-surface galleries.. NOT polluting storm water runoff.

Have the recommendations of the Flooding Taskforce been implemented? Is this another  handout of our money and resources to the construction industry from the DC City Council? Have more trees been planted, more gardens, , more parks like Crispus Atticks? Where is the removal of asphalt, recharging gutters like Casey Trees on 12th St. NE ,, natural solutions? The city govt. serves the developers.   

All kinds of tree removal and paving is proceeding  unrestricted north of Bloomingdale, thousands of new sinks, toilets and showers in over 2500 new residential what kind of stupid trade-off is going on...our city needs healllthy priorities, not insane over urbanization,,SAVE MCMILLAN!


  1. Right now, the most important thing is to sever any ties between the City and this corrupt development team.

    EYA's bribes sent Harry Thomas Jr to jail.

    I had been praying that some powerful force would intervene to spare this neighborhood from EYA's vision of a Shirlington overlooking our reservoir.

    God works in mysterious ways. But, in this case, He went with an old favorite, a timely flood.

  2. I feel like it would be easier to take this seriously if the gentleman learned how to properly use punctuation.