Monday, January 21, 2013

Brookland resident Daniel Wolkoff: sexual assault in Brookland / McMillan Sand Filtration site development

From: Daniel Wolkoff <>
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2013 5:04 AM
Subject: 22 year old attacks young woman Otis and 14th

Daniel Goldon Wolkoff, comment on WJLA TV website on sexual assault in Brookland, and youth crime in DC

Too many young people in DC are growing up to criminality, we see this continually. The govt. , schools and parents have made their contributions to this destructive population. So now the govt. still refuses to create healthy recreation for the young and adults, wasting McMillan and making it a sewer instead of A Park and City Market ! McMillan is a park, ready to be restored (See Friend's of McMillan and the CUA Professor Gusevich world class adaptive re-use plan),after the DC govt. has closed it and wasted it for over 25 years. The historic Sand Filtration Plant on N. Capitol and Michigan is our Central Park, we need this 25 acres, to be restored, planted, the historic Olmstead designed Park preserved for our community building. Mixed-use is not the only use for our land. When does the DC govt. ever GET IT, our land, our park. We need a Glen Echo style historic park for art, culture, performance, youth training, a healing garden and shade, and forests and trails. The emerald necklace of parks in DC, the original 1906 McMillan Park Commissions real vision, was healthy and wise, and must still benefit our neighborhoods. Today Proffessor Gusevich's brilliant world class plan deserves yur active support, it is abetter use of our resources for our youth.
Her brilliant adaptive re-use of the underground galleries for a City Bazaar and Market, sunlighting the creek, and waterworks create a world class "Great Place" we need in this section. We are deprived of parks, trails, hiking, running, forests and the question is WHY? The restoration of the entire park, the reservoir and the adjoining parkland is blocked by a misguided, unimaginative govt. busy gobbling up all the remaining land, that is no vision..STOP DC GOVT. MISGUIDED DEVELOPMENT PLAN, THE PLACE IS OURS!!
The DC govt. will perpetuate this youth crime indefinetly. They have miserable priorities and we need to stop the consumerism that leaves these kids to grow up criminal. Save McMillan and let's grow healthy kids. Why does Bethesda enjoy spectacular Glen Echo and we Don't?

Daniel Wolkoff
13th and Randolph Street, NE
Tel: 202-232-8391

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