Tuesday, January 22, 2013

abandoned puppy

See this message from a 1st Street NW resident:          
I walking my dogs the usual route this evening when I found an abandoned puppy struggling in the gutters. When I picked him up he stopped yelping. His eyes were glued shut and he had sores. The owner/torturer had obviously just decided not to deal with the poor guy, so they left him for dead just up the street from our home, where people walk around. It's shocking that no one else had stopped to deal with him. He had crawled out of a cardboard box and was just laying helplessly in the gutter, crying.   I took him to the Shelter on New York Ave, and they promptly put him to sleep.
RIP, little man.
I found an abandoned puppy in the past who wasn't looking so hot, brought him to the same shelter. He met the same fate, but at least in the embrace of a loving, giving and selfless shelter worker. This little guy was brown, a shepherd type with short hair and probably 2 months old.
I'm disgusted with the monsters who can do this to such a sweet and innocent animal.  This little guy was simply crying for some dignity. For this little puppy to know that humanity is possible and that the world isn't only dark hell might have let him feel at peace as he fell asleep. One can only hope, right? Either way, no doctor could have saved him. He wasn't responding at all. He was severely de-hydrated. He was young, probably the runt of the litter. He had boils and a massive tumor looking thing coming out of his belly. Both of his eyes were so infected that they were sealed shut. His breathing was deep and irregular. His bones were poking through in odd places. He was badly emaciated. The doctor pinched his skin and it didn't move at all, it just stayed pinched, like a tiny accordion.
A sweet little thing, but way past rescue.


  1. This is horrific. I am disgusted that it happens, and even more so in our neighborhood. If anyone knows or sees anything regarding this cruelty case or others, please call the Washington Humane Society cruelty line at: 202-234-8626. You can report anonymously. I have that number saved in my phone so that I have it at all times. Thank you for taking care of this little puppy in his last moments.

  2. I have to think this is someone nearby doing this. Any idea where or who the perps might be? What block on 1st street did you find him?

  3. This is terrible and you did a great thing. Heartbroken. I am sickened this is in our area, anything I can do to help let me know. Maybe we need to bring this up at our council member or neighborhood meeting, or the cops that go to civic meet.

  4. Take animals to the Washington Animal Rescue League so they won't be killed.


    The NY shelter clearly doesn't want to spend resources healing animals and you should have figured that out after the first puppy was put to death.