Thursday, January 10, 2013

Zoning Update doesn't address ugly pop-ups; customized zoning offered as a solution

I attended the Ward 5 Zoning Update meeting last night, coordinated by the DC Office of Planning, held at Gallaudet University.  Bloomingdale residents Teri Janine Quinn and Karla Lewis also attended.
Harriet Tregoning, Director of the DC Office of Planning, briefly talked about neighborhood-specific zoning, which she referred to as "customized zoning" that would include neighborhood building style.  "Customized zoning" would ostensibly address pop-ups.
During the Q & A session, I commented that zoning regulations and DCRA regulations do not address "ugly" -- that even if a neighborhood went through a not-yet-fleshed-out process of developing customized zoning, the neighborhood could still end up with ugly pop-ups.  She agreed – and responded that perhaps the customized zoning process could address things like architectural style (not her exact words).   
Bottom line – customized zoning by neighborhood still needs to be worked out.
And see this tweet from Ward 5 resident and GGW contributor Geoff Hatchard (he mentions @HTinWDC, that is, Harriet Tregoning): 
say 'Eye Em Gōph'
"Zoning doesn't address ugly." - @ScottRobertsDC #zrr (@HTinWDC promises she'll quote him on that going forward) 

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