Monday, January 14, 2013

a neighbor reports being attacked with pepper spray last night at 2nd and Florida NW

See this 1/14/2013 message:

I was attacked last night at 2nd and Flordia Ave NW with pepper spray by two teenagers and would like to report this to the neighborhood.


  1. DC Council needs to make it lawful for residents to legally carry concealed weapons, or at least implement a 2-3 year pilot program that permits concealed weapons carry in order to evaluate its effect on crime statistics in order to make an informed decision on facts and not opinion.

  2. DC law requires pepper spray to be registered at police headquarters. Did the police check to see what teenagers registered their pepper sprays recently to find out who might have done this?
    This probably unregistered use by teenagers just goes to show that requiring registration of weapons doesn't stop their use by those determined to prey on the rest of us!