Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Michael Henderson's "notes" from last night's ANC 5E meeting

Edgewood resident Michael Henderson kindly took notes at last night's first ANC 5E meeting held at the Summit Apartments in Eckington.

Here you go:

Meeting notes provided by Michael J. Henderson
Not official ANC5E meeting minutes

Monthly Meeting
January 15, 2013
The Summit at St. Martins
7 pm

Fred Allen did the election
Election of the Chair
Commissioner Joyce Robinson-Paul nominated Commissioner Dianne Barnes for chair; Vote Unanimous.
Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney nominated Commissioner Teri Janine-Quinn for Vice Chair; Unanimous
Commissioner Joyce Robinson-Paul nominated Commissioner Mark Mueller for Treasurer; Unanimous
Commissioner Dianne Barnes nominated Commissioner Joyce Robinson-Paul for Secretary; Unanimous
Fred Allen swore them in

5E01 Debbie Smith – Absent
5E02 Christy Love Davis – Absent
5E03 Tim Clark - Present
5E04 Sylvia Pinkney Present
5E05 Joyce Robinson-Paul here
5E06 Teri Janine Quinn here
5E07 Wanda Foster here
5E08 Mark Mueller here
5E09 Dianne Barnes here
5E10 Angela Blanks absent/late arrival

·         CCIN Capital Clinical Integrated Network
·         Marvin spoke about statue - faith hope and charity; surrounded by pit bulls owned by white people; woman sitting near him spoke about neighbors losing their homes; wants to talk about white supremacy
·         Stephanie Black 302 T Street NE – follow up to commitments made concerning DASH; promises were made – community advisory board has not been formed yet; now that the playground is up…how will it be addressed; Commissioner Clark said DASH was given approval to build the playground. Fence was not compliant so they had to go back and make it right – but they have not met their conditions concerning the community; fence has not been corrected and the advisory board has not been formed; resident wants a date and her Commissioner to email her
·         Michael Henderson asked for the Commissioners to have regular SMD meetings; Commissioner Teri Janine Quinn announced when her next meeting would be Tuesday 1/22 7 pm Mt. Sinai Baptist Church; 

     Commissioner Pinkney said she will have at least two per year whether folks come out or not
·         Commissioners introduced themselves and their SMD boundaries
·         Commissioner Barnes suggested combining SMD meeting with civic association meetings

·         Commissioner Robinson-Paul spoke about Obama placing taxation without representation on his tags; collecting signatures to put statehood on his agenda; Gwen Southerland said the tag should read “NO” taxation without representation; Commission did not seem to agree

·         President of [The Seaton] condo association – flooding - preventative construction in Bloomingdale? When will this begin? Commissioner Quinn said her recollection was that the first part on T street was going to begin right away; 2nd street was a later addition

·         Resident spoke about the proposed dog park; where is the petition; Commissioner Robinson-Paul has a petition to sign against the dog park; it’s proposed for a hill at Harry Thomas Rec field

Financial Status of ANC
Approval of Security Funds/Banking Institution – motion passed to pay
Commissioner Mueller said he is at Capital One every day; Commissioner Robinson-Paul motion to let the ANC5E bank be at Capital One, 2nd; motion passed
Commissioner Clark motion to pay any reimbursements establishing ANC5E checking account. Motion passed
Motion to reimburse funds to establish checking; motion passed
Discussion of where the meetings are – Commissioner Quinn spoke about the pros and cons of moving meetings versus keeping them in one place. She suggested moving it quarterly
Commissioner Clark asked for a show of hands for where the meetings should take place; most folks voted for the Summit (the meeting was held at the Summit!); it’s free location and it’s in the center of the commission; metro stations are within walking distance
Michael Henderson spoke about the pros and cons of one location versus two; two locations allows you to reach people who do not normally attend farther away; resident asked if we could have two locations; motion passed to have the meetings at the Summit for one year

There was a long discussion about the budget

Motion to accept the items below:
1.     Electronic
2.     Posting (must be posted prominently in at least 4 places in your SMD)’ each commissioner is responsible for those four places in their SMD
3.     Their choice
4.     Motion passed unanimously

Commissioner Robinson-Paul motion to have a webmaster/recording secretary motion passed unanimously

They can continue to use the past by-laws and just update them as needed
Commissioner Quinn motion to adopt the 5C by-laws and then form a committee to amend them as needed; march is the deadline; Commissioner Clark said he does not agree with this motion, then changed his mind; motion passed unanimously

Councilmember Anita Bonds spoke briefly– This is her home. This is where the rubber hits the road at the neighborhood level; she is in room 408; will try to come by periodically; she just wanted to stop by; she recognized Commissioners she had worked with before

Monthly meeting scheduleMotion to continue having it on the third Tuesday of the month (Commissioner Quinn); 2nd; motion passed; next meeting February 19th

ANC5E OFFICE SPACE – Commissioner Clark asked that they wait on that vote until they can go and look at 150 Q street NE “the Trilogy” first floor next to the FedEx; the space may have a free post office box

Want grants to use Ward 5 printers; tabled that item

Returning to discussion of a BUDGET
Commissioner Clark motion to approve budget while moving 2000 dollars to other column and hold off on reimbursements until March; (create general fund, etc.) 2nd; motion passed

Commissioner Robinson-Paul resigned as secretary; Fred Allen jumped in and said he wants a union printer in ward 5

Commissioner Quinn asked for the date of the next executive meeting

Commissioner Barnes said she agrees with Commissioner Robinson-Paul and that she should get paid
Resident asked if each commissioner had time to read the budget ahead of time; answer was yes; there was a very lengthy discussion of how to reimburse people on the commission
Commissioner Clark agreed to take the position of Secretary; Commissioner Quinn motion to elect Commissioner Clark as Secretary. 2nd; motion passed unanimously

Motion to adjourn

Meeting notes provided by Michael J. Henderson
Not official ANC5E meeting minutes

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  1. My neighbor lady attended the meeting wondering if this ANC is smoother. Said there are a some disruptive people in the audience and a couple on the commission. Said one lady took office then quit before the end because she didn't get her way. Was like a preschooler kid tossin she going to work with people that vote different and why she wasting community time with personal stuff. We are community aint we? Lose the insecurity and egos or step aside and let someone stable take over that can play well with others.