Wednesday, January 09, 2013

DC zoning regulations review #2: large rear extensions

Q: Do the proposed DC zoning regulations update address large and long extensions off the rear of rowhouses?

A:  R-4 neighborhoods currently can only have 60% of the lot occupied by buildings.  That remains unchanged in the proposed zoning regulations.

Some residents do not like the large rear expansions.  I believe that most of the extensions that we see right now are indeed within the 60% lot occupancy.

rear of 151-155 V St NW

rear of 19 Adams Street NW

rear of 74 Adams Street NW

So some blocks with looooong lots, like the unit blocks of Adams and Bryant St NW, whose existing rowhouses take up much less than 60% of their lots, may very well see more "large rear expansions."

The proposed Zoning Regulations Review won't address this issue.

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