Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BisNow identifies Bloomingdale as the "Next U Street for Food"

Oh, this is too hilarious.  Bloomingdale has yet to be discovered?

Please -- that train has left the station.

But nice to be noticed, for sure.  Thanks, BisNow!

What's DC's Next U Street for Food?

1) Petworth

Naturally, we turned to a Papadopoulos—since there are so many of them (that's Tom PapadopoulousCharles Papadopoulos,Ralph TapieroJohn Gogos, and Nick Papadopoulos outside their Dupont office yesterday). They tell us the influx of residential development in Petworth is likely to attract new restaurants, with the bonus of inexpensive retail rents. "It's a cheaper version of 14th Street," Tom says. Concepts that could have success are "neighborhood spots" like saloons and locations featuring weekend brunches, he adds. Okay, count us in. 

2) Bloomingdale

Tom says Bloomingdale (which we thought was a department store but evidently is also an area 
north of Shaw) is another up-and-comer and has already added hip and busy spots like Rustik Tavern (above, at the corner of T and First streets). Like Petworth, the neighborhood is seeing more residents, both through condo sales and apartment rentals—the magnet for merchants of food.


bamoll said...

...Bloomingdale (which we thought was a department store...) LOL

IMGoph said...

an example of a publication that just sees $$$ uber alles.