Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vision McMillan Partners buildings package

Hopefully, you just read the earlier post about the Saturday, 04-27-2013 Vision McMillan Partners Buildings Open House.

VMP has supplied a 31-page PDF -- provided below -- titled "Vision McMillan Buildings Package." 
See this message from Anne Corbett:                        
The following information is being provided by Vision McMillan Partners (“VMP”) in anticipation of presenting a first round of building designs to the community in anticipation of requesting presentation to the HPRB at the end of May 2013.  
Please find the images depicting the proposed building architecture for EYA’s rowhomes and Trammell Crow Company’s medical office buildings as part of VMP’s plans to redevelop the McMillan Sand Filtration Site. All the materials are contained in the single PDF.
We look forward to presenting these at our community open house on Saturday, April 27, 2013.
Anne L. Corbett
Project Director
Vision McMillan Partners 


Unknown said...

Ah, too bad.

Why not parks and green space?

In what way does this city need to trade an historic space for more cheesy, high-priced condos, chains and office buildings?

The concept art shows people enjoying themselves on the grass next to a brightly-lit building, like they're in a park.

Because doesn't everyone enjoy hanging out on the lawns of office buildings and picnicking in parking-and-loading zones?

Todd said...
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Todd said...

Let me reiterate again... this is a insult and they should be FIRED for this. Fired for wasting our time and our money developing this kind of concept. Let's now just revoke their award and give this to somebody with some respect for the people who live in this city and community. Let them go back to their McMansions in Reston and spend their days filling the rest of that lovely urban space that is Pentagon City.... banish these bastards from Washington.

bloomingdale2018 said...

This is too much. Bloomingdale is cozy because we don't have the large population of cars and people. Adding this complex will make Bloomingdale feel like Georgetown where it is congested and hard to park. Right now I am having trouble parking in front of my own home on the weekends right on North Capitol St. Please don't add another 1,000-5,000 residents to this cozy section of DC. What ever happened to the rec center and park like setting?

A few shops and restaurants are ok, but not the condos and townhomes.

Bloomingdale Resident said...

Wow, there are certainly a lot of people lying around on the grass next to North Capitol. Is that on top of Cell 14?

Has this always been called "McMillan Campus"? Sounds like it is a satellite of a university. Is MedStar buying the north section from DC?

Alfredo R said...

Photos have also been posted here:

WillyemDeGrate said...

I really like the plan, it'll add some MUCH needed density to that area, create a park out of a currently dead spot and get some businesses to open. All of which will improve the vibrancy of the neighborhood and increase safety. That area of DC is a bit too lightly populated at current which makes it feel a bit unsettling. It's not reasonable for the residents of this area to assume they're entitled to dozens of open parking spaces for eternity, 2 miles from the capitol building.