Sunday, April 09, 2017

Bloomingdale neighborhood toolshare

See this post at NextDoor Bloomingdale:

Bloomingdale Neighborhood Toolshare         
Jay Chen from Bloomingdale · 11m ago
Photo from Jay Chen
Bloomingdale Neighbors: As we go into spring many more of us are repairing, maintaining, and renovating our homes and gardens. Oftentimes you'll only need a tool a few times and it may be cost-prohibitive to buy something you don't use regularly, while a neighbor down the street might have that tool just sitting in his or her basement. In the spirit of fostering community, cost-sharing, and neighborhood trust, I think it's a good time to (re)establish a Bloomingdale Tool Share. A few of us had this idea back in 2015, and ran into some issues but now with nextdoor's address verification this simplifies our process greatly.

The Toolshare will work this way:

Under the groups section on nextdoor, I've created a private group called Bloomingdale Toolshare. To be approved and become a member, you should request to join from that link. I'll send you a membership agreement and liability waiver so that we can lend and borrow tools amongst each other freely.

If you're looking for a tool, you'll post in the group asking if anyone has one to lend, and you can make arrangements with any positive responders from there.

If you're interested in joining, please request to join! Membership is limited to only Bloomingdale at the moment and is free - we can look to expand further depending on how this takes off.

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