Friday, April 07, 2017

next McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) meeting -- Thursday, 04-13-2017

McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) Thursday, April 13 Monthly Meeting

MAG monthly meeting, public cordially invited.  The one item on the MAG agenda for this month's meeting is discussion concerning whether or not the MAG wishes to testify at the Mayor's Agent for Historic Preservation 'limited scope hearing' on the remand of the McMillan case from the D.C. Court of Appeals.  The hearing date was originally scheduled for March 10, but was postponed until a yet-unspecified date in late June this year. Additions or changes to the MAG agenda will be considered at the beginning of the meeting. 

The MAG meets  on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7PM.  Our current meeting place is the Inspired Teaching School, 200 Douglas St. NE (the old Shaed Elementary).  All meetings are open to the public. Kirby’s cellphone: 202 213 2690.  



  1. It is really the people in Bloomingdale who need to assert themselves and get the "Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue" STOPPED, as you will be the most impacted by 31,000 more cars a day on North Capitol. So North Capitol will have 69,000 cars a day clogging the street with auto exhaust. The 600 daily shuttles and buses to ferry the yuppies from the site to the pitifully close metro will further pollute and make noise near your homes, black soot on everything, and in your lungs and your children's lungs. DC govt does not care what your quality of life becomes, that is obvious.

    I'm working on a law suit to stop the development, so join , fight back hard or be squashed by VMP and DC govt. corruption to get their hands on our land. Daniel Wolkoff

    1. do comments disappear by themselves? Free speech live and well in DC?

    2. Maybe some yuppies that _LIVE_ in Bloomingdale are excited for this. And no, I won't be taking the shuttle, I'll walk.

    3. You can choose to walk, jog, picnic, skate, bike, sunbath, swim in a 25 acre historic green space that you own, McMillan Park, public land for public needs, or walk to the metro next to 600 shuttles and buses spewing diesel fumes, and the kids can play in the alleys and streets too. That is all I'm saying choose the future of DC you want, not VMP ramming it down our throats,or Fontaine hired to "neutralize " your neighbors exercising their rights, and illegal collusion with anti democratic hacks like Gray, Bowser and McDuffie..just a thought!Think Nate my friend.

  2. I'm a realist. I know we have a better shot at a multi-use park / retail / office / residential vs the underground agriculture / wolf trap / Central Park you're peddling. But thanks friend!

  3. I am very excited about the new development at McMillan and I have owned a home here for many years. The illegal ways that residents in our neighborhood have been scared into signing petitions and force fed fear-mongering propaganda amazes me. We should develop the space, add some much-needed services like restaurants, a small grocery store (think Yes!, or Glen's or MOMs, NOT Giant, Safeway or Harris Teeter or Whole Foods), a gym (personal trainer would be awesome), a pet store, coffeeshop, outdoor park space for community events and yes, even some amazing apartments, condos, retail and office space. Make it intentional to scale (thats why I suggest smaller grocery chains, not larger). It will be beautiful, practical, convenient and your property values will go way up so if you don't like it, sell out and move elsewhere, bank your money and have an amazing life.