Sunday, April 02, 2017

stack of lumber blocking garage door in the alley between Quincy and R Street NW -- what to do ?

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From the landlord:

I was away this weekend and my tenant called me because piles of wood were blocking my garage door and he couldn't get in or out. We have no idea whose wood this is and we cant seem to figure out who can help move it. I called 311 but they said it would take 5 days minimum. Also called the police, they came over but they cant do anything.  

Its in the alley between Quincy Pl. NW and R Street NW.  

Attached is the pic.

Posted at NextDoor Bloomingdale by the tenant:

Outrageous! Piles of wood blocking my garage door!

Lu Fe from Bloomingdale · 50m ago
Photo from Lu Fe
This is in the ally between Quincy Pl. NW and R St. NW Does anyone know who's wood this is?

The garage door can't open because the wood is holding the door down.

I called the police and they said to call 311. I was told it would take 5 days for them to come inspect the situation and determine how they could move it.

See this subsequent tweet:

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