Sunday, April 16, 2017

the Bloomingdale Farmers Market 2017 season begins in three weeks !

The first Sunday for this year's Bloomingdale Farmers Market is Sunday, 05-07-2017.

100 block of R Street NW, 9 am to 1 pm.

Mark your calendars.


  1. Hearing this used to make me so happy, so optimistic. The Bloomingdale farmers market is so sad. The woman who runs it needs to seriously reconsider what a real market should be...wait, she knows because she has some better ones around town. Let other vendors come to the market to give the customer choice. There is a reason our market continues to shrink and not grow each year as the others around the city flourish. Being on Sunday does limit some of the amazing Amish vendors, too. Bring other meats besides Truckpatch. Bring milk and eggs and more dairy, more meat, more everything. After talking with several of the "former" vendors, it is amazing that we have a market at all.

    Please bring us options. Our neighborhood has grown, please update our market to reflect the increased density, increased diversity, increased income even. Keep the good programs and bring us more this year.

  2. I agree with Unknown 2, although it really would be great if you'd own up to your opinions -- tell us who you are and show, one, that you're a real resident and not some paid anti-BFM person and, two, that you're courageous enough to stand behind your opinions... just saying