Sunday, April 16, 2017

yesterday on the unit block of Randolph Pl NW: "#thatawkwardmoment when a pack of real estate investors shush you, ask u to leave your front steps to get out of their shot"

See this Instagram message from yesterday:

And see this related tweet:


  1. This is f'in offensive. Drove past this ridiculousness and wondered what this was all about.

  2. Well they could have just demanded that you sign a release, which is bad too.
    Or you could have been mean, slammed the door and blast some music or crank up the TV with the windows open.
    Their crime was being rude and not respecting your property rights to be on your own dang steps.

  3. I would have walked outside wearing a stained wife beater with a Schlitz in one hand and cigarette in the other.

  4. These investors also own a few other properties in the area that are a blight to our neighborhood. I'm pretty certain one is 20 channing st nw.