Thursday, November 16, 2017

? bus overnight parking on Adams St NW ? see the DPW response

See this 11-16-2017 message:

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Subject: CORRECTION: Bus overnight parking on Adams Street, NW
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Greetings Directors Marootian, Babers and Commander Fitzgerald, is it permissible for a commercial school bus to receive a Ward 5 Residential Zone Vehicle Registration to park on the Unit Block of Adams Street NW in Bloomingdale?


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Subject: RE: CORRECTION: Bus overnight parking on Adams Street, NW


Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention.

Bus tags are not eligible for RPP.  However, the vehicle was first issued a 45 day temp tag to allow it to go through inspection.  Since the temp tag cannot be distinguished as to whether it’s for a bus or passenger vehicle, the employee was allowed to check RPP.  The expired registration sticker on your vehicle picture represents the temp tag.  After inspection, the vehicle was permanently registered as a bus and received bus tags.  In your picture, this is the registration sticker on the dashboard which doesn’t have RPP.

I have copied DPW so they are aware the bus, as pictured, is in violation of RPP and should be ticketed.  Additionally, we will follow up with our employees to not issue buses temp tags.  This will prevent the issuance of RPP.  Instead, buses should be issued a 45 day hard bus tag to allow it to go through inspection.

Thanks!  Lucinda

Lucinda Babers
DC Department of Motor Vehicles
95 M Street, SW
Washington, DC  20024
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nobodyhomehere said...

It is a former school bus that someone is renovating, a little at a time. It was ticketed once, and the owner got some new registration. I wonder not just about parking it on the street but about doing car repairs on the street. I know there are some jurisdictions where you cannot do major vehicle repairs on the street. No idea about DC law.

Jenifer said...

This bus takes up a lot of parking space on the street and makes it difficult for drivers of cars and for pedestrians to get a full view of the sidewalks. The owner should find an off street parking space for this so as to not keep annoying everyone with this large vehicle blocking views and space.