Friday, November 17, 2017

WaPo: "Man to be sentenced Friday in Christmas Day rape, murder of D.C.actress"

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Tricia McCauley was a Bloomingdale resident.

Man to be sentenced Friday in Christmas Day rape, murder of D.C.actress

November 17 at 6:00 AM

The man who pleaded guilty to the Christmas Day rape and fatal beating of a Washington actress and yoga instructor is scheduled to be sentenced Friday in D.C. Superior Court.

Duane Johnson, 30, admitted to killing 46-year-old Tricia Lynn McCauley after she left her North Capitol Street home to attend a Christmas party last year.

The two were strangers. Authorities say Johnson confronted McCauley as she was headed to meet fellow members of the District’s theater scene at a holiday party. McCauley never arrived, and friends began to worry and reported her missing.


Daniel in brookland said...

The DC mental health system failed this pathetic rapist , murderer, failed the whole city, and failed Tricia, such a beautiful loving soul. This guy was let out back on the street after other crimes. The police didn't even find her car for like two days after she was reported missing. One of her students noticed the vehicle and reported it it.The police are USELESS driving around closed off in their vehicles wasting gas, oblivious to the streets, and the community they do not serve, are a bad joke.
Which is the worst DC govt. agency? They all are! The Mayor is a corrupt avenue for money to her developer overlords, see the give away of McMillan Park, and the City Council is intrusive,, destroying everything they impose their excessive stupidity on. The City Council should be euthanized, just as you would any rabid animal, it's only humane.

Jenifer said...

I am glad the perpetrator was found and charged and will go to jail. I am very sorry to read about the DC mental health and criminal enforcement failed to do their jobs. As a result, I find myself much more cautious in any encounters with strangers even in our own friendly Bloomingdale neighborhood.

nobodyhomehere said...

You really need to take some deep breaths. Your note is threatening to kill politicians. In a post commenting about a murder. Wow.