Saturday, November 18, 2017

request for donations of unused and old musical instruments for young children and preteens

See this 11/17/2017 message from Louise Brown:

A  non- profit group called "Hearts for Harmony " has been set up. 


OLD And UNUSED INSTRUMENTS laying around in the house that you or anyone is wanting to get rid off . 

The purpose:

Is to move unused and old instruments from someone’s trash pile or basement into the hands of  young children and preteenagers in countries where there are super talented kids who would love to learn to play an instrument but they are stark poor. !!! These are super talented kids been identified who would do anything to get their hands on any instrument and start playing. Any unused instruments would be welcome.

Right now, the team has identified a ton of locals in Northern India  who are desperately in need of instruments ) any or all that you have.

Please contact Louise at 202 then 497-0342.

Or email me at

Deliveries can be coordinated with a phone call. 

Thanking you in advance.


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