Saturday, October 13, 2018

All Nations Baptist Church Women's Day -- Sunday, 10-21-2018

From: Barnes, Dianne (SMD 5E09) <5e09"">
<5e09""> Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2018 2:55 PM
To: Garnett, Eddie (SMD 5E01) <5e01"">; Williams, Patricia (SMD 5E02) <5e02"">; Thomas, Bradley Ashton (SMD 5E05) <5e05"">; McClelland, Katherine (SMD 5E06) <5e06"">; Holliday, Bertha G. (SMD 5E07) <5e07"">; Barnes, Dianne (SMD 5E09) <5e09"">; Pinkney, Sylvia (SMD 5E04) <5e04"">; Sierra, Horacio (SMD 5E08) <5e08"">; Powell, Hannah (SMD 5E03) <5e03"">;;; Jones, Nancy Darlene (ANC 5E10) <5e10 .anc="""">
Subject: Fw: ANBC Women's Day Event

Community Awareness:  Please review and share the flyer announcing the ANBC's Women's Day Event.  Hope to see you there.
Respectfully Submitted By,
C. Dianne Barnes, Commissioner
Cell: 202-409-7155


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