Tuesday, October 16, 2018

stuff from last night's October 2018 Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting

Some items from last night's Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting:

The owner of 17 Rhode Island Avenue NW would like to construct a two-level rear deck that would result in exceeding lot occupancy.  The owner is pursuing zoning relief.  The BCA members voted to support.  

There is news about the idea of decking over a small part of North Capitol Street.  There should be a separate post, so stay tuned.

Candidates running in the contested ANC5E06 and ANC5E09 commissioner races as well as the candidates running for Ward 5 State Board of Education were invited to briefly speak at last night's BCA meeting.  

ANC5E06 has two candidates running: Pat Mitchell and Karla Lewis.  Pat Mitchell briefly spoke. A representative for Karla Lewis also spoke about Karla's positions on issues.

ANC5E09 has four candidates running: Kirby Vining, Sam Bonar, Rae Marshall and Dianne Barnes (the incumbent).  Two of the four candidate attended last night's meeting and briefly spoke: Kirby Vining and Sam Bonar.

The Ward 5 State Board of Education has three candidates: Zachary Parker, Adrian Jordan and Bill Lewis.  Two of the three candidates attended last night's meeting and briefly spoke: Zachary Parker and Adrian Jordan.

The Bloomingdale Civic Association election was held last night.  All of the positions except for president were uncontested.  Here are the results of the BCA election:

  • President: Teri Janine Quinn
  • 1st Vice President: Bertha Holliday
  • 2nd Vice President: Patricia Mitchell
  • Financial Secretary: Jennifer McCann
  • Treasurer: Sherry Howard
  • Corresponding Secretary: Felicia Davis              
  • Assistant Corresponding Secretary: Ernie Emrich
  • Recording Secretary: Jean-Christophe Deverines
  • Assistant Recording Secretary: Scott Roberts
  • McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) Representatives: Bertha Holliday and Joe Levesque
  • Delegates to the DC Federation of Civic Associations: Zach Sherif and Eric Woods


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