Sunday, September 25, 2011

2011 Ward 5 redistricting & you presentation + SMD maps

ANC 5C04 Commissioner John Salatti held a meeting on Thursday evening, 09/22/2011, that included an update on the Ward 5 redistricting activities.

Here is John's message from his meeting:

"Regarding the Ward 5 redistricting update, I will be presenting what came out of the Ward 5 redistricting meetings that have been going on since July. Proposed changes to ANC districts will change how Bloomingdale and surrounding Ward 5 neighborhoods are represented. To help you see how the changes will affect you, I will have PowerPoint slides showing currents districts and proposed districts. I will also have several large paper maps of Ward 5 that have current political boundaries and 2010 census numbers. "

Here is his slideshow presentation:
2011 Ward 5 redistricting & you presentation

John took nine photos of the maps drawn by the assorted groups of volunteers working on creating the Ward 5 single member districts. The nine photos, while not very clear, at least provide you an idea of what the redistricting volunteers worked on.

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