Thursday, September 29, 2011

seeking advice on addressing supercans in the alley on noncollection days

See this message:

I live on the unit block of R Street NW, north side.

I have a question about people leaving their trash cans out in the alley behind our houses.

Do you know what person or department we need to call to have this problem addressed? Looking at the alley running between the unit blocks of Randolph and R Street NW, several people regularly leave their cans strewn all about the alley. In fact, the house directly behind mine (which I think is a small apartment building) not only leaves their 4 or 5 cans out in the alley, but there is ALWAYS trash lying on the ground near their cans.

Is this something that I should speak to our ANC rep perhaps?


Unit 00 said...

The city has fined people for leaving trash cans in the alley. You can call 311 and get directed to either DDOT (if in the alley) or DPW if in the alley or on the street/sidewalk.

I like the cans in the alley b/c it slows down the speeding drivers that use the alley as drag strip.

John said...

Dear R Street,

Supercans left in the alley is definitely something that can be addressed through your Commissioner, Hugh Youngblood (, or through me as a Vice President of the Bloomingdale Civic Association.

The city requires people t remove their supercans and recycling bins from the public right of away after trash has been picked up. The ciy can and does ticket people for not pulling their cans in. The city does this to keep alleys clear for emergency vehicles, aesthetics, and to limit places where drug dealers can hide their stash.

DC Remuddled is right that you can call 311, but if that does not get you a quick response (and it might not), please contact us and we can contact DPW directly.

Have a great day,

John T. Salatti
Commissioner, ANC 5C04
Vice President, Bloomingdale Civic Association
(202) 986-2592

"Together, Building a Better Bloomingdale"