Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Bear Cafe dinner menu - week of Sept. 12

See this message from Stu Davenport:

Big Bear Cafe Dinner Menu
week of sept. 12th

I. Braised chicken with sweet peppers. Sauteed beet greens and fregola sarda. $16
II. Fennel and ricotta frittata. Escarole and romaine salad with lemon dressing. $10

I. Leg of goat braised with spices, chickpeas, apricots and prunes. Eggplant stew and couscous. $16
II. Mushroom & feta cutlets. Beet, celeriac and fennel slaw with yogurt dressing. $10

I. Seared wild salmon fillet with wine-braised beluga lentils. Sauteed white Russian kale. $18
II. Peasant`s Purse: Sauteed rainbow chard and potatoes under an over-easy egg and crumbled feta. $9

I. Yellowfin tuna ``a la plancha``, cherry tomatoes and whole coriander. Griddled eggplants. $18
II. Soup! Roman beans, buttercup squash and Dino kale, whole poached egg. $10


-J. said...

Screw all that fancy shit, what about a cheeseburger? Bammas don't want to eat the stuff they're serving.. ..clearly catering to 2520's with this one.

Stu said...

BBC BBQs happen every weekend with smoked brisket, smoked pork, ribs, homemade coleslaw... its damn good.

Burgers are usually on the menu as well.

Alabama pulled pork this weekend. I think also a mashed potato and baked beans.

Come try it out.