Monday, September 26, 2011

found cat around 1st and U Street NW; Tuesday evening, 09-27-2011 cat update!

Has anyone lost a cat?

A very cute and very sweet grey and white tabby cat has been hanging around our house at 1st and U NW for the last couple of days. She (?) is very friendly- came right up to me for an ear scratch and belly rub- and not super-skinny, though she ate a ton of food when I gave it to her, so I think she is or was recently someone`s pet. She`s small, maybe 6 lbs and has beautiful green eyes. I can`t bring her inside (I have 2 cats and a dog already) but hope I can find her owner or find her a good home.

Please email me at scott dot molly at gmail if you know anything about her.

Here is an update on this found cat:
Can you please post that the cat found by a U Street neighbor has now been taken to the animal shelter on NY Avenue? We took her Tuesday evening. We were so afraid that she might get hit by a car. (She is such a sweetie) They are going to scan her for identification, check her out for any health concerns and then be put up for adoption. We had to name her, so her name for now is Precious, in case someone might want to follow-up. We also could not take her in, we have 2 cats as well. Thanks to all.

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