Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pssst! Boundary Stone is opening this afternoon at 5 pm

Yes, indeed, Boundary Stone Public House at 116 Rhode Island Avenue NW, is opening this afternoon at 5 pm.

At long last.

Stop by.


eckingtonresident said...

Early review
Let me start by saying I have been awaiting this opening for quite some time and hope they succeed. Good points: eclectic beer list, attentive staff, tasty food. Bad points: overpriced $8 for 6 very small wings and $10 foe a burger that could not have been more than 1/4 lb is excessive. Fries, while hand-cut, were underdone and less than 10 per plate. I am hoping that the value/price ratio is due to opening night and trying to recoup investment. I will try again in a month or so.

Unit 00 said...

I went this Sunday on the earlier-side (5-ish) and it was pretty hoppin'! We followed a young couple in and their new-born who left shortly after realizing there was no booth seating available.

Beer was good but not cold enough for my taste. I'll order food next time. It'll be nice to see some older neighbors there, though. This Sunday it was mostly younger new-comers which is great, but I'd love for it to have a real neighborhood feel.

It's a great place with indoor and outdoor seating. Can't wait for it to become a real hangout.