Monday, September 19, 2011

"Where can we register our bicycles?"

See this message from a North Capitol Street household:

Neighbors: do any of you know where we can register our bikes? My husband just had his third bike stolen from him this past weekend - that makes 4 bikes stolen from our family in total. I`ve taken pictures of my bike but still don`t know where to register it. Can anyone help?

On a side note: we think we know who is stealing the bikes... Wish us luck on proving our hunch.


Inez said...

National Bike Registry:

You can get 10 or 30 years for a single bike, or register up to 5 bikes for a household.

John said...

Inez is right. The National Bike Registry is exactly what MPD promotes:,a,1242,q,564959,mpdcNav_GID,1523,mpdcNav,|.asp

John T. Salatti
Commissioner, ANC 5C04
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drvboom said...

there's an alternative to NBR. Its a global bike registration site is - lots of features...worth a look and they seem to be very active. Not just for US, also UK and Canada