Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"we are really suffering from the mosquitos/insects. What can be done?"

See this message from a resident on V Street NW:

We are really suffering from the mosquitos/insects. It was around the same time last year as well. I was wondering if DC provides any kind of extermination or any kind of control. Alleys are the worst but even waiting on the bus stop is enough for someone to be bitten badly. I don`t see this issue being as serious on the western side of the town. What can be done ?


  1. The mosquitos will go away when we rid our backyards of standing water that has collected in buckets, clogged drains, etc. The other flying insects will be around until all our garbage cans get a good wash.

  2. It's summer and bugs live outside. Nature is hard, I know.

  3. Also, the day we have no insects will mean the earth is dying. Bugs are a fact of life. Maybe try bug spray instead of taxpayer-funded pesticides?