Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a forum for candidates running to be chair of the Ward 5 Democrats + redistricting update - Thursday, 9/22/2011

See this event announcement from ANC 5C04 Commissioner John Salatti:

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners
James Fournier, Hugh Youngblood, & John Salatti
Invite You to

A Forum for Candidates Running to be
Chair of the Ward 5 Democrats


A Local Redistricting Update

FORUM: Next Monday the 26th, the Ward 5 Dems will be electing a new slate of officers. In this Forum, you can ask candidates your questions about how they will lead the ward party in the year ahead. All three candidates—Angel Alston, William Boston, and Robert Brannum—have been invited; Mr. Boston accepted almost two weeks ago; we await commitments from the others.

REDISTRICTING: Ward 5 is in the middle of setting new boundaries for the areas that each ANC Commissioner represents and new boundaries for the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions themselves. Proposed boundaries will profoundly change the way Bloomingdale is represented for the next 10 years. Come out and learn what changes may be in store and voice your opinions.

Date: Thursday, September 22nd
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: St. George’s Episcopal Church, U and 2nd Streets, NW

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