Friday, January 04, 2013

missing cat from the unit block of U Street NW

See this 01/04/2013 message:

I want to let people in Bloomingdale know about my missing cat Buster.

He normally does not leave the house but he must have slipped outside on Wednesday night 1/2/2013 without us seeing him.  We're on the unit block of U St NW (Crispus Attucks Park is behind our house.)  He's not an outdoor cat at all and I am very worried about him.  I hope that someone took him in as he is very friendly.  He's about 17 years old and has bowel cancer so he is on medication.


  1. There is a large colony of feral cats that are fed on the deck of a house on the unit block of V St NW (not sure if you are aware of this). The house opens onto CA Park as well, and I'm aware of it because one of my dogs is obsessed. Your cat might be hanging out with these guys and getting his meals there. I'm not sure of the house number, but it is around the middle of the block. It's a white house with a parking pad and no fence. The deck is sort of reddish-brown. You'll see numerous cats hanging out on the deck any time day or night. If you haven't already, I would definitely try to touch base with the people in this house. Often, the caretakers of a cat colony keep track of their members and will notice a new cat hanging around. Good luck!

  2. Buster is home!!

    He was waiting at the back door when I got home from work. Very hungry but otherwise fine. He must have been fed by someone because even though he wasn't taking his medicine he didn't really lose any weight.

    We are so happy & relieved.