Tuesday, January 01, 2013

neighbor seeking referrals for water seeping into the basement

See this request:
We are seeking recommendations on basement water seepage experts. I know a lot of folks into the neighborhood have recent experience with major floods and sewer backflow issues, but we don't seem to have either of those -- just water seeping into the basement. 
Any ideas folks have on experienced and knowledgeable contractors who specialize in this stuff would be really helpful.


  1. May want to consider getting a consult from B Dry to determine the best approach.


  2. we think this is a rise in the water table and soak in the soil, due to the city's inability to properly channel water out of the neighborhood-- this is likely due to the increased development (just more water in sewage) and how many yards are paved over and there is no where for water to be absorbed. I ripped out the (expensive) fitted carpet in my basement due to this repeated seepage problem and have had the floor tiled, so we can at least sweep the water out. Tiling, of course, cost a small fortune. Probably not something DC is going to reimburse for. But the water seepage through walls and up in center of floors in basements (not through door cracks!) is a sure sign of WAY too much water in the ground and THEY HAVE NEVER EXPLAINED THAT PROPERLY!! This is a new phenomenon in our neighborhood (I've lived here 25 yrs).