Tuesday, June 04, 2013

neighborhood scam: collecting money door-to-door for Ballou SHS band

From: Marc Morgan <morgan@morganfordc.com>
Cc: Lt. Alberto Jova MPD
Sent: Tuesday, June 4, 2013 1:19 PM
Subject: [LeDroitPark] Residents Beware -

I was just informed of a scam in our neighborhood. 

There is a man who is knocking on doors around the LeDroit Park neighborhood asking for money for the Ballou SHS band. However he does not attend Ballou and is no way affliated with the school. 

Yesterday, a neighbor on Elm St (who is also a teacher at Ballou Senior High School) got a knock on her door from a man claiming to be a student at Ballou. She questioned him on what teachers he had and the name of the band director and he supplied her with incorrect information.  When he sensed she didn't believe him he claimed that he went to the Ballou in Maryland - not SE - although there is no Ballou in Maryland. 

Please be aware of this, and please report any suspicious activity to MPD immediately.

Thank You!

Marc Morgan


  1. Nothing like the rites of spring in the city!

  2. This happened to me last year.
    A woman who looked like she was pretty rough in her 40's had a ribbon in her hair and was claiming to be in the band.

    I asked for a number for someone at the band and her name so that I could contribute directly to the band on her behalf. She gave me some numbers, none of them worked.