Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ANXO Cidery's Green Area Ratio (GAR) special exception pursuit gets a nod from the DC Office of Planning

See the latest on not-yet-opened Anxo Cidery and Green Area Ratio (GAR).

For info on GAR at the DCRA website, go here.

1st BZA case for special exception to GAR goes to in says they have gone above&beyond. Congrats!
11:05 AM - 27 Oct 2015 ·


  1. I don't know what this special exemption is for but I hope it's not an exemption to wheelchair accessibility. I am sick of new restaurants/eateries opening in Bloomingdaledc and vicinity that are not wheelchair accessible! How are wheelchair users going to get into these places that leave steps at the front door, etc.?

  2. No, Jenifer, the Anxo Cidery pursued BZA special exception was not for wheelchair accessibility. It was for Green Area Ratio (GAR), which is what this post states.