Friday, October 30, 2015

Friends of McMillan Park call to exorcise McMillan devils

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Save McMillan Park! Group Wants to ‘Exorcise’ District ‘Devils’ from Planned Development


  1. What a spectacle! The people wrestling their own park land back from a corrupt city council, and executive agency DMPED. The mediocrity of the whole thing is pathetic. Deputy Mayor lies to City Council under oath, they don't even care! DMPED hires a carpetbagging PR firm that tries to sabotage the community movement for decent parks for all our children. Sustainable needs of the people are suppressed to continue the destructive land use that is causing our global environmental catastrophe. The DC government so sold out, cares nothing for the environment, here and around the earth. A wasteful, intrusive, mediocre bad joke, busy fillin just whenit must egain credibility, it is filling VMP bank accounts. There will be disruptive constant construction in historic Bloomingdale for the next 7 years, as if resources are endless, never need conservation.They are stealing the 25 acre public land, in collusion with DC regulatory bodies, that leave the community high and dry.
    Who is protecting the "commons", who is watching the Fox?
    The DC community can stop this freak show of corruption, deception. Legitimate elected officials are required b the US Constitution to inform the electorate of their activities, and gain consensus of the governed. Which Dc official has done that? They stack the meetings, and where did the "supporters" go? VMP writes the testimony, and Fontaine "provides cover to the elected officials". Is that democracy? Fight for McMillan and greater enfranchisement, Fight McDuffie and Bowser!