Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Zagat: 6 up-and-coming food neighborhoods in DC --- including North Capitol Street

Click on the link to read the entire Zagat post from Monday, 10/19/2015:

Nice to see the North Capitol corridor's Wicked Bloom, DCity Smokehouse, Pub and the People and Anxo Cidery and Pintxos Bar shout-out!

It could be argued that the spotlight on Washington's dining scene is often far too focused on the Northwest quadrant. But that's starting to change drastically and rapidly thanks to buzzy bars and restaurants opening in some of DC's under-the-radar neighborhoods — as well as some big-time developments that are providing golden opportunities for restaurateurs. If you haven't checked out these six burgeoning dining enclaves, it's high time you did.
  • North Capitol Street
    The stretch of North Capitol that shoots through Truxton Circle and Eckington has seen a mini-boom lately with the opening of Wicked Bloom (pictured) from the DCity Smokehouse team, plus The Pub and The People a block or so north. It’s helped tremendously that the neighborhoods surrounding those blocks are doing so well, including Bloomingdale and LeDroit Park. As the hipsters move east, dropping tasty incentives along the way like The Royal at Fifth and Florida and Anxo Cidery & Pintxos Bar going into Third and Florida — so goes the rest of the city. 
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  1. it's so great to have so many eateries in walking distance in Bloomingdaledc!