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get your pumpkin on at this week's Bloomingdale Farmers Market

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Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

Sundays 9-1 • 100 Block of R NW
Hi BFM fans,

Breaking NEWS: Jenna (Whisked!) won best of DC's baking category this year (again!). This year it had a weird name, Best Trendy Dessert but here is what they said about her:

"If by “trendy desserts” you mean time-tested recipes and wholesome ingredients, then yes, Whisked! deserves its victory. Jenna Huntsberger’s confections may not come in unorthodox flavor combinations, but you’ll be more than satisfied with her creative-yet-classic pies (salted caramel apple, Mexican chocolate cream) and cookies (milk chocolate Nutella, brown butter snickerdoodle)."

Well, if you have never tasted a Whisked dessert, stop by the stand Sunday because she has samples of all of them.

I hope the cooler weather this weekend will inspire warming comfort foods like Rick Bayless's Mexican Kuri squash (or butternut or pumpkin) soup with ancho chiles and apples. Or maybe you lean towards my favorite recipe for roast chicken with a side of mashed butternut squash.

Grab an interesting pumpkin or winter squash now for Halloween. We have a huge variety of pumpkins and winter squashes of all types. And if you just don't like the color orange, you can find blue, teal, grey, tan, golden winter squashes and pumpkins to carve, decorate across our produce stands.

What to do with all the beautiful greens we have in the market? What if you buy too many and you still have leftover? Make this wonderful Moroccan herb jam. It is a bunch of long cooked greens and herbs and garlic, a little cumin, a little pimenton, some chile pepper and a squeeze of lemon, chopped into a jam. Very flavorful. Great on bread or in soup. Good first course or lunch with that pumpkin soup.

Kombucha Deal this week: 4 bottles for $10 (plus the returnable bottle fees). Besides being delicious and full of probiotica, they all make great cocktail bases....Two weeks ago I swore by the Spicy Ginger, then it was the Lavender Mint and last week I really liked the cider-y 4 Ts. So try them all.

BIKE HOUSE 11-1 Bring back those bikes so that they are ready to roll all Fall
MUSIC AT MARKET: to be announced.
BLOOMINDALE HOUSE TOUR: SATURDAY October 17th from1-5 Here is the scoop.

New this Week
  • Reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey from Stacia at Truck Patch.
  • Drink Dang Kombucha at Number 1 Sons.
  • Baby Ginger, French Fingerlings at German Butterball spuds at Mountain View
  • Broccoli at Truck Patch and Mountain View and Garner.
  • Cider rules at Reid -- SIX types of cider!
  • Butternut Squash Lasagne at Cucina -- Vegetarian.
  • Lettuces, Spinach, Collards, Kales, Swiss Chard, Bok Choy, Arugula
  • Watermelon radishes at Mountain View
  • Pie at Whisked
At the Stands

WHISKED: Jenna says: Jenna says: Let's face a harsh truth, guys - there's a lot of bad pie out there. Often new people at the stand will ask: "how sweet are the pies? I don't like really sweet pies." And I know exactly what they're talking about - those overly thickened, sugary pies that taste like goo and sugar and not a lot else. I don't like those pies. That's exactly what we're trying to avoid at Whisked! - we work so hard to source and prep our produce, we want our pies to taste like fruit. Not sugar.

Here are this week's Best of DC pies: Pear Cinnamon Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Chocolate Pie, Salted Caramel Apple Pe, Classic pie, Sea Salt Chocolate Chess Pie, the new Cranberry Lemon Pie. Savories are Caramelized Onion, Olive and Thyme and Bacon, Cheddar and Onion Quiches. And don't forget the cookies

Classic Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Chocolate Pie, Salted Caramel Apple Pie, Bourbon Pecan Pie Sea Salt Chocolate Chess . Savories: Caramelized Onon, Olive and Thyme,Bacon, Cheddar, Onion quiches.

REID ORCHARDS: Kiwiberries! Short season. Funny, khaki color. Fabulous kiwi taste. No seeds. Asian pears, plums, Concord grapes. Did you say apples? Honeycrisp, Gala, Ginger Gold, McIntosh, Fuji, Macoun, Roxbury Russet, Cox Orange Pippin, Bramley, Pinova and Cortland apples plus some antique varieties that Conor always puts on the truck. Ciderhouse rules: UV apple, apple, honeycrisp, apple grape, apple cherry and pear cider. A lot of people think Reid makes the best cider in the region. If you want to buy a lot of apples to make apple sauce or apple butter or apple pies or to split with several families, ask Conor about bushel prices.

MOUNTAIN VIEW ORGANICS: Fresh baby ginger with no peel and no fiber. So perfumed and yes, you can freeze it for winter enjoyment. Purple shiso-- shred it and toss on salads and vegetables. Garlic, Padron and Shishito peppers. Try their unusual selection of spuds: French Fingerling, German Butterball, La Ratte, Canadian red potatoes, Carrots with greens, hakurei salad and and greens, baby beets, kales, Swiss Chard, baby boy choy, summer squash, eggplants. Colorful sweet peppers including the pale yellow Hungarians and hot peppers. Watermelon radishes and French radishes. Fall squash. Young spinach. Young Fennel.

TIP: Use their flat wide young collards instead of grape vine leaves to wrap dolmades or other stuffed delights. (Soften them in a big pot of boiling water for a few minutes first).

Did You Know? Their traditional Japanese Hinona Kabu turnip date back to 1470.

TRUCK PATCH: Broccoli. Green beans. Fall squash. Bryan loves to grow those heirloom tomatoes and he will still have some at the stand this week. : Stripped German, Aunt Ruby, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim, Roma, Big Reds, Stripped Zebra, Great White, Valencia. There may be tomato seconds for canning. Lettuces, kale, Swiss chard, Green Beans, Beets, Eggplants. Lots of Fall squash . Stacia says: Gorgeous flowers.

TRUCK PATCH MEATS: Pastured Pork! - Bacon, Bone in and Boneless Pork butt, tenderloins, bone in and boneless pork chops, spare ribs, breakfast and savory sausages, and whole chicken and chicken parts. Yes, you can reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey.

CUCINA AL VOLO PASTAS, SAUCES AND SOUP: Perfect soup weather, isn't it? Butternut squash lasagne, Puttanesca sauce, roasted pepper sauce, pesto, Matteo's home made burrata and swiss chard with parmesan rivoli, brisket ravioli, ribolitta (Tuscan vegetable soup) Bring your jar back for a dollar off your next purchase. Fresh Pasta.

Remember to keep the jars of pesto and panna cotta cold and in the refrigerator

NUMBER 1 Sons: BESIDES the kombuchas, pickles! Cucumbers are in short supply so get them while they are still in stock! The half sours are done for the year but you can indulge your pucker in full sours for another 2-3 weeks. Many krauts, slaws, kimchi, beets, regular beets, dilly beans, chili bear hot sauce, and more!

We continue to get hot chile peppers from Stacey + Casey at The Farm at Sunnyside. Will has made more batches of Havanan Banana, Swine Sauce, Local #1 (the hottest!!) and a few more small batch chili bears. We plan to do this to the end of market season as peppers are readily available right now. These will make great stocking suffers :)

GARNER: Freshly picked black eyed peas replace the baby limas. They are equally good and because they are fresh, they cook quickly. Heirloom tomatoes, Early Girl tomatoes, green beans, yellow beans, Romano besns, Eggplants, Japanese, Italian, Ghostbusters, Sicilian. Red, Orange and Green bell peppers. Chile heads: look here hot peppers (Jalapeño, Anaheim, Poblano, Serrrano, Cayene, Habañero). Candy onions, tomatillos, cherry and field and heirloom tomatoes. Carrots, zucchini and summer squash, cucumbers, kales, savoy cabbage,. Swiss chard. Cut herbs. Red and green okra. Daquiri mixes too. Pepper Jelly. Red and wite sweet potatoes. Red and white potatoes. Acorn, Butternut, green acorn, Kabocha, spaghetti, Delicata winter squash. Pumpkins.
Lots of pretty mums and other perennials in their little pop up nursery.

KESWICK: What I like about the Keswick stand is that they have such a huge range of cheeses that I can always find something new every week.. Last week it was the excellent Blue Suede Moo,Tallegio and the Croton (for those of us who love French Epoisse -a stinky, creamy, runny winner) that caught my eye and found their way to my fridge. Cheddar, Calverley, Wallaby, Vachino Bianca, Bovre, Tomme Sweet Tomme , Carrock. Some are Jersey cow milk, some are a mix of Jersey and goat milk Sample them all. That Blue Suede Moo makes a great dip. I have been using it with string beans too.

And if you love yogurt, be sure to check this. Mark's Pimento Cheese is a Southern staple and makes a great Kimcheese burger.. Chileheads, alert. I get your Dragon's Breath. Cream cheese? No, it's quark, what cream cheese aspires to be. We had a family of Danish visitors at market 2 weeks ago and they were very excited to see the quark -- and Zac was very amused by their Danish pronunciation of it.

PANORAMA: Baguettes and croissants, breakfast pastries and lots of breads. Breton specialties like Kouign Amann and the new Crois-Nut.French breakfast pastries like palmiers, almond croissants plus the plain and chocolate crosisants, baguettes, the olive oil buns that grace the 25 dollar hamburgers at Central and the Rustiques they serve you at Citronelle. Sandwich breads, too. If they are out of a bread you crave, ask them to save one for you for next week. Late risers: they have lots of whole wheat, multigrain and sourdough boules and loaves that sell out early.

Please spread the word about the new Bonus Program for EBT/SNAP, WIC and Senior FMNP.

Robin and the Teds and Stephanie
Bloomingdale Farmers' Market

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