Friday, October 30, 2015

help celebrate Tom Noll's 60th birthday on Halloween Day (Sat. Oct 31) by making his book "Bestseller" on!!!

See this message from Bloomingdale resident Jose Alberto Ucles:

Dear Family & Friends;
Yes, Tom was born on October 31st - Halloween day!!! Now you know the why of all the creativity & talents!
Tom is going to turn 60 Years Young - this Saturday-  Halloween Day!

So help US Surprise Him with a Unique Gift - On His Birthday - 
Let's All make his newest award winning children's picture book "Selling Eggs" in his "Trash to Treasure Series" * Recycling Creatively with L.T. 
Get "Best Seller" status in Children's Books category on  by concentrating Our buying on one day, Saturday, October 31st, between 9 am and 9 pm ET.  
I know it sounds crazy, but this is how Amazon works, and it will help keep the book in high profile as we roll into the Holidays.
By the end of his birthday, I will be able to check the Amazon 

Tom wrote the books in this Series which are based on his own childhood to empower, educate and inspire young readers to recycle and go green in ways that are creative, practical and fun. 
He also created the  now popular White Bicycle Fence Art Installation, at the Heart of Bloomingdale Park (Rhode Island Avenue & First St. NW) that he decorates for major holidays.
Check out the great Halloween Decor now! 

So here is what you can do for him and us:

1) Just go to ON Saturday, October 31st, between 9 am and 9 pm ET, and go to the books section to place an order of "Selling Eggs" by Tom Noll.

2) To rank as "Best Seller" book it has to be bought on the One Day and from Amazon and Only the full prize one sold by them - Not the discounted or lesser prize versions offered. If you have a prime account 
or buy $35 worth of products - shipping is free.

3) You can buy your copy and then gift to a family member, friend or coworker who has children. Or you can donate it to a local school, library, children's hospital, or childcare center. Kids love the story!

4) Let your friends know, too!

5) Please forward this email to 6-10 family members, friends, coworkers, to those who blog, tweet, do Facebook posts or media contacts who might be interested in the book. 

6) After you get the book or your friends, please try to go back to Amazon and do a book review - it is easy once you have bought the book.

7) Not to worry about quantity of available books that Amazon shows, as our distributor Partners Publishers Group is ready to send more to them.

*** By the end of his birthday, I will be able to check the Amazon rankings and show Tom that thanks to All his Family & Friends his "Selling Eggs" book made "Best Seller"

You can check out Tom's books/website, Preview Selling Eggs and share these links with everyone:
Preview "Selling Eggs"
Preview "The Bicycle Fence"

Book Reviews
  • “An idea-inspiring addition to the burgeoning genre of environmentally conscientious children’s books.
Young readers will learn about compromise as well as innovative ways to recycle.”—Kirkus Reviews
  • “Once again, Noll shows young readers how L.T.’s creative reimagining of recycled materials makes for successful projects.” —Kirkus Reviews
  • “These two titles are fun reads, reinforcing recycling’s benefits. More
    importantly, they show how creative thinking about ‘junk’ results in problemsolving and new ideas of art and practical recycling applications.”
— D. Donovan, Senior Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
  • “L.T. is about the most resourceful kid you’d ever want to meet. ‘One man’s trash is my treasure’ is his motto” — Karen Lyon, Hill Rag

Hope to see you soon and celebrate the Holiday Season - Best to All and Many Blessings.
Thanks so much for considering helping us with the "Amazon Push" this Saturday, October 31st. Your support means a lot!
José Alberto Uclés

Article from MidCity Newspapers - WDC

Bloomingdale’s Bicycles
Thanks to artist Tom Noll and his bicycle fence, Bloomingdale’s busiest corner is always well-decorated. Noll’s art installation has motorists on Rhode Island Avenue hoping for a red light so they have time to admire his repurposed art installation.
Originally from Ohio, Noll spent about 20 years in Manassas before moving to Bloomingdale in 2009. He brought his interest in repurposing found objects, his commitment to recycling, and his bicycle fence with him. “I had some friends [in Bloomingdale] and loved the architecture,” said Noll, who’s done research on the doors and transoms around the neighborhood. “I wanted to bring a sense of community, and the bicycles gave me the means to do that. They bring a homey atmosphere.”
Noll works as a landscape designer and noticed that the small park at 1st Street and Rhode Island Avenue was in a shambles a few years ago. By cleaning it up and adding some planting Noll enhanced the park and then worked with local businesses to decorate the space with his bicycle fence as the centerpiece.
One Bloomingdale resident told Noll, “You’re a blessing to our community because you brighten up our days.” Noll hopes that the bicycle fence will make commuters smile. In the four years since Noll put up the fence it’s never been damaged, and the only thing stolen was not part of the fence itself.
“I grew up recycling before it was called recycling,” Noll shared. “I teach kids to reuse and repurpose. There are different ways for kids to recycle.” Noll has channeled his passion and savvy for recycling into writing two children’s books, “The Bicycle Fence” and “Selling Eggs.” Noll continues to write children’s book. “I try to teach kids how to think outside the box,” he explained. “At the end of each book there are recycling tips.” He does readings at local libraries and is accompanied by a friend who does a puppet show. Keep an eye out for Noll’s new books and the fence’s summer theme, “Going to the Pool.”

Tom is also participating as a sculptor (his rebar & sandstone pieces are featured)  in the 2015 Artomatic Expo that is taking place from October 30th - December 12th at 8100 Corporate Drive, Hyattsville, MD.

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