Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DCist: "Photos: Is D.C. Water Hatching Alien Eggs? An Update on the First Street Tunnel Project"

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We descended 160 feet to find out what's going on in the tunnel under Bloomingdale.

There is a gaping, 160 foot hole in the middle of the District. On purpose.
“This is the remarkable and unseen story of what it takes to solve an issue in the middle of a busy city,” says George Hawkins, the general manager of D.C. Water. “Bloomingdale flooding is a centuries-old problem.”
D.C. Water and contractor Skanska Jay Dee invited media and citizens to descend into the hole this weekend and tour the Clean Rivers Project First Street Tunnel. “We want the neighborhood to see what all this noise and construction is doing to create a permanent benefit,” Hawkins says. The city broke ground on the tunnel in June 2014.

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