Sunday, October 25, 2015

some tweets & pics from yesterday's DC Water 1st Street Tunnel Hard Hat Tour

For those who did not get an opportunity to attend one of the three Saturday, 10-24-2015, DC Water 1st Street Tunnel Hard Hat Tours -- you don't know what you missed!

Thanks to DC Water and Skanska!

Here are some tweets and pics:

For tour, we wore hard hats, muck boots, yellow vests.We did not look like Parisian tourists 

Tracks-used to cart muck out of tunnel.Tracks were used to build original cells & ties were sold after 

There is no miner's canary in the tunnel, but the air duct is canary yellow. 

Safety First!!!

Miners have to eat, I guess. There's a porta potty, too. All the comforts of home.

the big vertical tube on the site - on today's Hard Hat Tour

Had an amazing time touring the First St Tunnel Project and saw TBM Lucy with

Celebrity sighting!


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