Tuesday, August 16, 2016

1911: McMillan Park named

See this tweet and image:

Paul Cerruti@pauljcerruti                         
. still confused if ever existed? Really? ? ES1911
6:36 PM - 15 Aug 2016


  1. Since this was never a park, since there are no flooding problems in Bloomingdale, since the Washington Hospital Center is the most difficult destination for employees in the District to reach via public transportation now that Walter Reed is closed (having no Metro) and since the new neighbors haven't experienced the crazy traffic that will reappear once 1st Street is re-opened, we should all respect the solution EYA/Jair Lynch/McDuffie have to build downtown-sized office buildings in our residential neighborhood, replacing 25 acres of green space.

  2. It hasn't been green space since 1905! It's an used, never worked water filtration plant!

  3. Barry, you should take your medicine every day. Most of the 25 acres, all of which is owned by taxpayers, is green space today.

  4. Paul you should be a little more concerned about the people you associate with. Lairs, illegal building ANC reps who still don't have a permit for their awful garage! And no it's not green space what so ever. It's a failed water filtration plant that never worked since day one that has some grass on it! That's Green space! #GIVEMEABREAK!