Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bloomingdale referenced in Ruben Castaneda's 08-25-2016 WCP article "Extinguised Career"

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Only the paragraphs that reference Bloomingdale are provided below.

Extinguished Career
Adrian James used to be a hero cop. When he lost his badge, he became a crack-smoking crook and an informant in a murder case implicating a Marion Barry aide.
Aug. 25, 2016 9 a.m.

On a summer day in 1995, Adrian James, a onetime hero cop turned disgraced felon, was hanging out in his old police beat in the Bloomingdale neighborhood with two men in their twenties.

Two days after the killing, James and partner Bob Lanham were on their beat in Bloomingdale when a teenager discreetly asked James if he was looking for Griffith. James had arrested the adolescent a few years earlier for a burglary, and had urged leniency because the boy was contrite.
The youth told James that Griffith would be on a particular street corner the next day. It was a classic example of what Hennessy had taught James: If you give non-violent offenders a break, some of them will help you solve big crimes.
The next afternoon, with Lanham in the passenger seat and both cops dressed in plainclothes, James drove his 1978 gold-colored Toyota Celica into Bloomingdale and parked on a side street with his gun in his lap.

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