Monday, August 29, 2016

Bloomingdame: two Hofgard homes now in DC DHCD portfolio -- 160 Adams St NW & 36 Channing St NW -- will DHCD remove the pop-up third floors on its Hofgard houses?

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WAMU 88.5 News@wamu885news         
Developer who settled for $1.3M over shoddy house flips has 6 properties taken away — they'll be affordable housing:
9:56 AM - 29 Aug 2016

- 2 Hofgard homes now in portfolio. Guess that explains no dumping sign.
10:02 AM - 29 Aug 2016

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A question a neighbor asks:

Will DHCD remove the pop-up third floor on its Hofgard houses?


  1. I hope not, as there is a shortage of affordable housing and that would be removing occupancy.

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    2. Better that people are safe than in a Hofgard death trap.

  2. I'd think that project is a tear down. There isn't really much left of the original house, what's standing is a framed out new building that has been open to the elements for a couple years.

  3. Looks like they will be "redeveloping" those houses (and others), and turning them into affordable housing. No details on what that means for the design: