Saturday, August 27, 2016

Evening Star 1912: $8,000 submitted for continuing the McMillan Park project

See this tweet and image:

Paul Cerruti@pauljcerruti                         
still confused if ever existed?Really? ? ES1912
10:01 AM - 27 Aug 2016


  1. Any clue what "parking the grounds" means?

  2. Parking the grounds means continuing the implementation of the park plan created by the legendary Fredrick Law Olmsted Jr., who was hired to create the landscape architecture vision for McMillan Park. For perspective, this single year budget (of which there were many) for McMillan Park landscaping/parking of $8,000.00 equates to approximately $190,000 today.

  3. Ah. I had never heard that phrase. Parking the car, parking with your girl, parking your butt are phrases I know. Thanks.