Saturday, September 24, 2016

neighbor: Thursday night (09-22-2016) around 10:15pm, two teenagers / young men attempted to rob me at gunpoint on the 100 block of S St NW

I was coming from 1st St NW and biking down S St towards 2nd St as two young men wearing black ski masks ran onto the street (coming from the alleyway on the right hand side) and stopped me. The one who ran in front of me had a gun; the second one ran behind me and into the middle of the street so I couldn’t see him well. Since I wasn't carrying a bag, the guy with the gun started patting down the pockets of my jeans. The only valuable thing I had on me was my phone, tucked away in my back right pocket. Since he was trying to pat down my pockets with his right hand, holding the gun in his left and with my bike in between us, he couldn’t reach the pocket with the phone. I told them that I only had keys on me. Eventually the guy with the gun said “She is clean” and both ran off towards 1st St.

Both men were African-American and seemed relatively young, probably in their teens or early twenties. They were not very tall, around 5’7, slender, and dressed in dark colors. If you noticed anything that night or in the future that could be helpful, please contact Officer Luis Cartagena (

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