Tuesday, September 20, 2016

US Commission of Fine Arts approves the McMillan park design concept + other tidbits from tonight's ANC5E meeting

From tonight's ANC5E meeting held at Friendship-Armstrong Public Charter School at 1st and P Street NW:

Scott Roberts@ScottRobertsDC                         
attending tonight's mtg at 's at 1st & P St NW; 's four ANC commissioners are present
7:47 PM - 20 Sep 2016

Scott Roberts@ScottRobertsDC 2 hours ago
Ms. Laisha Dougherty sharing 's current legislation at tonight's mtg in

Scott Roberts@ScottRobertsDC 1 hour ago
at tonight's mtg: no one present to represent a request for zoning relief for 181 Uhland Terrace NE residence in

Scott Roberts@ScottRobertsDC 1 hour ago
mtg: liquor license app w/dancing for 207 Fla Av NW in ; votes to oppose unless owner agrees to postpone

Bloomingdame@bloomingdame 48 minutes ago
The Darkroom.

Scott Roberts@ScottRobertsDC 55 minutes ago
mtg: 's Brent Sisco reports that has approved the park design concept

Scott Roberts@ScottRobertsDC 43 minutes ago
mtg: update on 114-unit project at 57 N St NW in ; adjacent alley will be partially closed at times

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