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Chris Otten: McMillan zoning brief is in; oral arguments -- Wednesday, 10-17-2018

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Subject: [HistoricWashington] McMillan Zoning Brief Is In; Oral Arguments Wednesday, Oct. 17 [1 Attachment]

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After the Mayor's GroundShaking in Dec 2016 >>
.... we are back at the Court of Appeals on McMillan, again. There are
oral arguments next Wednesday, Oct. 17 on the historic issues we seek
to protect with our park (more info coming) . . . and there's the
infamous Zoning Commission decision, part 2, also being appealed (see

The McMillan Park opening brief (attached) and appeal on the zoning
decision that will destroy the site with high-density development has
been submitted to the Court. We challenge a privatization project
that would put real estate speculator greed over existing community

This opening brief was filed by Andrea Ferster and Aristotle Theresa,
Esqs. on behalf of Friends of McMillan Park and DC for Reasonable
Development, respectively.

Big Thank You to Ari and Andrea!
.... and to all the people who helped along the way ... so many to
list, you know who you are!

We will in part discuss McMillan at the Grassroots Planning meet up
this Saturday, 1:30 to 4pm, Union Temple in Ward 8. Hope you can be
there on Saturday.
We should seek attention (as in please let your friends and press
contacts know) about this brief and the situation at McMillan, take a

* We demonstrate that DMPED pulls yet another sleight of hand on
affordable housing numbers, 30% less benefit than what was being

* We expose the unelected Zoning Commission's complete ignorance on
gentrification and environmental impacts despite the expected thousands
of new vehicles the proposed VMP project at McMillan Park will bring
especially with no Metro nearby (that's not smart, its dumb growth
status quo);

* And it becomes evident that Karl Racine's OAG attorneys pull all the
suggestions from their 1L creative-language writing books to help the
Zoning Commission do an end-run-around the law so that the DC's
planning agencies don't have to muster any real effort to protect
existing DC families and neighborhoods from overcrowding and luxury
over-development. Racine was forged by the real estate industry at

Sending love to all that care, and to the planet. Big takeaway, is the
giveaway of land at McMillan Park that right now cools and cleans the
air, provides a peaceful respite among the bustle of North Capitol
Street, and isn't just another space, may the fence come down one day.

See for yourself:


Chris Otten
DC for Reasonable Development

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