Saturday, July 02, 2011

bicycle stolen outside of Big Bear Cafe on Friday, 7/1/2011

See this message:

My name is Liz Abel. I work at Big Bear Cafe with Stu Davenport. He put me in touch with you because he said you could help get the word out to the neighborhood about my bike being stolen. Yesterday (Friday, July 1st) sometime between 1:00pm and 6:00pm my bike was stolen outside big bear cafe on first street. It was a beautiful 1980s vintage light blue fuji road bike with yellow brake lines, a black seat, drop handle bars, and multi color stripes at joints.

Attached is a picture of my bike model that I found online. It looks exactly like it except my brakes are all metal-- they don`t have plastic yellow part at the top. This bike means a lot of me. I know some other identifying details however I`m worried to share them with the neighborhood because someone might just remove these from the bike. I can let you know these details as well if you need. I was hoping to put the word out around the neighborhood in case anyone sees it. They can call me at 717 then 333 followed by 5058. I`m also offering a cash reward of $100.

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