Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yoga District relocates from 1st St NW to 3rd & Florida Ave NW

See this news:


IMGoph said...

i guess this means that that block has officially been consumed into bloomingdale, eh?

bamoll said...

IMGoph: I think it makes the most sense to call it Bloomingdale.

It may have been part of LeDroit originally, but with the BP gas station across from 3rd and Rhode Island to its north it feels very isolated from LeDroit. It's also outside of the LeDroit historic district:

It's north of Florida, so it's not Shaw or Truxton.

It's adjacent to and most readily accessible from Bloomingdale. This is why neighborhood boundaries are and should be fluid.

IMGoph said...

bamoll: I mostly agree. I'd still like to see the entire "original" LeDroit Park called LeDroit Park, but if the area south of RIA is to be forever severed from the rest of the neighborhood, calling this little triangle "Bloomingdale" makes the most sense.

Unknown said...

hi guys! jasmine from yoga district here. we'll move back to yoga district 1st st once the minimarket fixes the bug problem. but if there's enough community support for it, we can keep both the old and new yoga district bloomingdale locations, making one hot yoga and the other normal. what do you guys think?

btw the new bloomingdale location might have sweet rooftop yoga possibilities (when it's not 100+ degrees out).

love and peace

bamoll said...

Jasmine - that would be great! It's nice to see some retail activity at Florida & 3rd, and First St. already misses the street life YD creates.