Wednesday, July 13, 2011

seeking referrals for auto mechanics in the area

See this message from an Eckington resident:

I was wondering if you or anyone in the community had any recommendations for an auto mechanic in the area.


J said...

I love AIM auto repair located at 601 Rhode Island Ave NW. They have always been able to fix my car in a reasonable time frame and at a decent rate. I was most impressed when I first moved to DC and I took my old minivan to get repaired. I was prepared to do excessive work on the car to get it back in shape and I was told to wait to fix the brakes. The mechanic said that the brakes were still fine and it would be better for me to fix other items before I took care of the brakes. Well my car's transmission took a dive shortly after and it was not worth fixing. I saved a lot of money because the mechanic did not do unneeded work on my car.

Aim Auto Repair
601 Rhode Island Ave NW
(between N 6th St & N Marion St)
Washington, DC 20001

Sowilo said...

I recommend American & Foreign Car Repair on V Street. It's run by two brothers and they are excellent. They are fair, and always willing to find the least expensive solution.

ethanparker said...

I am here to resolve my queries I want to know some information regarding the best auto mechanics. Actually I have a problem in my car battery which is not working properly from a long time. So, please suggest me some auto mechanics those help me.

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